Sale Items Animals

Sale Items Animals

Sale Items.


On offer are some old abstract originals from £20 and animal prints that either have the 1 inch border missing or have a minor mark on them (see other listing for Abstract Original and Print sale items) All prints are of the same high quality giclee standard as the usual prints but they are not signed.


All items available are listed with their relevant number and details of why they are a sale item is listed below. Some desings have more than 1 print available and should be listed as so however if theres anything you would like that you can't see then please feel free to get in touch.


Item details by Number


  • No.1 Original Abstract Artwork Purple - Old work, signed
  • No.2 Orignal Abstracts Artwork Black and Silver - Old work, signed
  • No.3 Original Abstract Artwork Orange - Old Work, signed
  • No.4 Original Abstract Artwork Purple - Old Work, signed
  • No.5 Original Abstract Artwork Black and White - Old Work, signed
  • No.6 Original Abstract Artwork Purple and Gold - Old Work, signed
  • No.7 Original Abstract Artwork Purple and Gold - Old Work, signed
  • No.8 Giglee Print Black, Gold and Blue - Old Work
  • No.9 Giglee Pring Turquoise - Old Work
  • No.10 Giclee Print Pink and Gold - Old Work
  • No.11 Giclee Print Blue and Green - Old Work
  • No.12 Animal Print A3 Hare - No border
  • No.13 Animal Print A3 Owl - No border
  • No.14 Animal Print A3 Bee - No border
  • No.15 Animal Print A3 Butterflies - No border
  • No.16. Animal Print A4 Zebra - Slight damage in corner (see pic above)
  • No.17 Animal Print A4 Cow - Image editing error in bottom left corner (see pic above)
  • No.18 Animal Print A4 Fox - No border
  • No.19 Animal Print A4 Owl - No border
  • No.20 Animal Print A4 Hare - No border
  • No.21 Animal Print A4 Elephant - No border
  • No.22 Animal Print A4 Bears - No border